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The Legacy Instructional Series is a collaborative effort and non-monetized. If you wish to donate to any of the contributors, please use the links below. If you wish to contact any of the contributors, use the form at the bottom.



Producer, Legacy Instructional Series - Patreon Link

Vin is the producer and a contributor to the Legacy Instructional Series website and YouTube channel. He has been a proud backer of Star Citizen since 2013 and is the tactics officer for Legacy Fleet.



Contributor, Legacy Instructional Series - Patreon Link

Nimrod77 has a YouTube channel focused on ship systems and creates flight manuals for Star Citizen, which are all featured in the LIS. He has been a backer since 2014 and is an officer in Legacy Fleet.



Contributor, Legacy Instructional Series - Patreon Link

MzHartz is a streamer and participates across the SC community, including hosting the "I Want My 80's Show" on TheBaseRadio. She founded the SC Ladies Night Out  Discord server, contributed art and audio for the LIS, and is a member of Legacy Fleet.



Contributor, Legacy Instructional Series - Patreon Link

Hasgaha is a media content creator best known for his unparalleled work in "virtual photography". You can find his work on his website, Flickr, and YouTube channel. Hasgaha is responsible for many of the art assets used in the LIS, including the logo.

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